Allison Clothing Co.

Live outside the shrinking box...wear Allison Clothing Co. 

NEWS FLASH! We have outgrown our studio and will be moving to a new place in the same town of Sinking Spring, PA.  We have temporarely moved into a studio for the summer while our new place is getting ready.  It will be a fabulous summer of new colors, styles, and shows. You are still able to call 484-794-8676 to make a shopping appointment if you miss one of our shows. Please see our calendar page for show dates.

   Allison Clothing Co. is all about super comfortable cotton and rayon clothing that you can wear everywhere.  Each piece is a creative work of art that is full of Allison's love and joy that she shares with you.  There are many layers added to each garmet that result in a rich complexity of color and design. Indulge your inner fashion goddess and choose your own special piece today. 

    Check out our Calender so you can stay in the loop of our upcoming shows and other fashion / art events.  Keep up with what's new in the studio and the world in general by adding your email to our mailing list on our Contact Us page for our monthly newsletter. While you are doing that add your birthday ( day and month) and we will send you a celebration gift to honor your day. 

With much love and laughter,