Allison Clothing Co.

Live outside the shrinking box...wear Allison Clothing Co. 

Care For Clothing

      Our clothing is very easy to take care of.  We recommend cold water washing in the wash machine. You can either hang your clothing to dry or dry them on low or medium heat in the dryer.  We set all of our dyed clothing to eliminate the bleeding of dyes. Even though we do this process we still recommend to wash the darker colors separately for the first few washings and then with like colors only.

      We recommend hand washing the rayon pieces. Rayon is very delicate when wet. Treat is gently. 

      If you need to iron your items turn inside and use low heat.     

      All of our clothing is pre-shrunk.

      Do not bleach.

      You may contact us for any care questions on our Contact Us page.









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